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Horn Frames Material

Natural materials are the premier choice, especially when talking about clothes and accessories you wear daily. Genuine buffalo horn is a tried and true material for eyewear and is one of the oldest and most efficient in the industry. No other material has the warmth and the sensual feel of buffalo horn: the unique surface texture makes every horn eyeglass frame a one-of-a-kind piece. The special way the light is reflected and the fibrous appearance of the horn are matchless. Thanks to their lightweight construction (40% lighter than acetate), horn optical frames are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Being the most skin-friendly material used in making glasses, the horn is a perfect choice for people with skin allergies.

Also, buffalo horn eyeglasses are offered in an immense diversity of tones and hues, so the wearer can choose from a multitude of horn shades. The spectrum ranges from nearly black and brown grey to marble brown and even white horn. And what is more, horn can be colored utilizing natural dyes so that a myriad of shades can be incorporated into the eyewear concept. In combination with wood or silk, another array of color choices comes up. That unique, exotic look and feel of horn is what many glasses designers appreciate and try to replicate with acetate frames. World-famous eyewear brands love the material for this quality, as well as for incomparable lightness combined with high stability.

Fascinating Natural Material

Horn is the material sourced from water buffalos that are native to Asia and Africa. After completing their natural lifespan they leave behind their horns as somewhat after a byproduct. Horn is denser, more durable and wear-resistant than most wood types. However, in the same manner as wood, horn can be polished, sawed, carved or turned. Unlike wood, horn is less resistant to bending and tension, but is extremely resistant to pressure. Due to its unique characteristics, horn has become one of the most popular materials in many industries, including eyewear. It doesn’t absorb heat from sunlight, unlike titanium frames and is much lighter than acetate glasses. Horn eyeglasses are super comfortable and anti-allergenic.

Horn eyewear frames are strong and adjustable. Horn can be suited for different kinds of prescription lenses: even at high diopter levels, thicker lenses still fit perfectly in these sturdy frames. Because of their robust structure and smooth surface texture, horn optical frames also provide a high level of comfort compared to other materials. They bend and contour to the wearer’s face after 4 weeks of wearing. Since horn is a natural product, it requires more attention and care than other frame materials. Although it’s comparatively resilient to weather, any continuing exposure to direct sun should be avoided, much like cleaning with care products that include solvents and alcohol-based cleaners. However, horn eyeglass frames if cared for properly will last for many years to come.

Exclusive Brands

Nowadays, a growing number of renowned eyewear brands and fashion designers have increased their commitment to horn in their current collections. Our incredible selection of designer optical frames includes genuine buffalo horn eyeglasses made by the most respected and well-known eyewear brands in the industry, including Lindberg, ic! berlin, Oliver Peoples, Persol, Ray-Ban. Lindberg, a leading Danish manufacturer of innovative, high-end glasses, offers two exclusive collections: the LINDBERG buffalo titanium collection, which includes refined and stylish horn-rimmed spectacles made of buffalo horn and signature lightweight titanium, and the LINDBERG Træ+Buffalo Titanium Collection, a perfect mix of two natural materials: the buffalo horn and high-quality wood.For those who appreciate classic designs and are striving for truly luxurious eyewear, ic! berlin Horn Collection is a one-stop shop! Handcrafted from Indian water buffalo, ic! berlin spectacles impress with their deep, vibrant colors and a natural, lightweight feel. The Oliver Peoples Horn Collection is an elevated offering of iconic styles. The color variations include light to dark browns featuring an exquisite, organic pattern. Ray-Ban is another celebrated eyewear brand that masterfully exploits the unique properties of buffalo horn. It offers a stunningly fierce collection of the most iconic shapes crafted from genuine horn. Welcome to EuroOptica, NYC, to discover our exclusive collection of exquisite horn eyeglasses from the most trusted eyewear manufacturers. Come and try on the hottest buffalo horn optical frames.