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Reveal a More Beautiful World with Essilor

Best solution for your best vision imaginable. Lens technologies crafted for you, detail by detail.

Experience the world without limitations by choosing the cutting-edge lens products from Essilor, the industry’s leading ophthalmic optics company that designs and produces a comprehensive range of top-grade lenses. All Essilor products are made to help the wearers see their life–– work, family, friends––perfectly. Take a closer look at all the careful details that go into making every type of Essilor lens. The combination of best-in-class technology, unequalled design, and premium-grade materials is something worth seeing.


Essilor’s mission is to improve people’s lives by improving their eye health. To accomplish this task, the company allocates more than $211 million to research and development every year, finding new, more effective eye care solutions that help to correct and protect the individual vision needs. Essilor believes that every person deserves the best vision possible. That’s why they never stop innovating, constantly solving vision issues like glare, smudges, protection from harmful UV light, blurry vision, and more. So, whether you’re striving for lenses that will let you see details like never before or the ones that will be so lightweight and clear that you can barely even tell they’re there, Essilor will have you covered!