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Contact Lenses

Many modern people prefer to use contact lenses because they do not want to wear glasses due to various reasons. Apart from solving problems with vision, you can make experiments and change eye color using contacts. Being a great alternative to glasses, lenses provide full comfort and improve your vision. Nobody else will know that you’re wearing them, and you will practically forget about it too. With a pair of high-quality lenses, you can be engaged in everyday activity and sports without limitations. Apart from this, there are low risks of losing them.

As a plus, you don’t have to worry about whether your lenses will complement a certain look or not because they go with everything and anything, making the wearer feel more confident. To find premium quality contact lenses from world-leading manufacturers, visit our optical store EuroOptica at 288 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, NYC. We are proud to be the official retailer of contacts from trustworthy brands that use the latest technology and innovative techniques to create top-rated products. Whether you’re a newbie who wants to buy the first pair of lenses or an experienced wearer, we offer a great selection of contacts to improve your vision.

How to Choose

There are many options you can select from, including disposables, multifocal, dailies, extended-wear, hard or soft, and even lenses to change your eye color. Purchasing any type of this product should be done carefully, following your eye doctor recommendations to fit your needs. If you have sensitive or dry eyes, we suggest contacting your doctor before you buy this medical device to define the best type of lenses for your eyes. Our professionals are glad to answer important questions about how to clean, store, and disinfect your contacts to keep them in good condition and prevent eye infections and other unpleasant problems.

Choosing the right type of lenses depends on your needs: for example, people with astigmatism are recommended to wear toric lenses, when patients with presbyopia, when the eye loses its ability to focus from far to near, should use bifocal contacts. Some people who don’t need to correct their vision may look for cosmetic lenses to use for Halloween and other occasions. And if you have dry eyes or eye allergies, pay attention to special lenses developed for people with sensitive and dry eyes. Following the latest innovations in the medical industry, these products are created to provide unparalleled comfort and solve problems.

Exclusive Brands

Whether you are wearing contact lenses for many years or just decided to try, our optical store offers a great selection of high-quality products from top-rated companies who pay maximum attention to manufacturing and use the latest technologies. Browse our catalog and choose contacts from SofLens, Biotrue, AquaSoft, Proclear, Clariti, and many other brands. If you need to correct your vision but don’t want to buy glasses due to some reasons, lenses are a convenient and healthy decision to solve this problem. Our wide selection of products includes a range of lenses to solve various vision problems, from farsightedness and nearsightedness to presbyopia and astigmatism.

Affordable and easy to use, contact lenses are a good alternative to eyeglasses for millions of people. All the products offered in our store are available for a wide range of lifestyles and made by experienced manufacturers who improve their lenses constantly, making new technical inventions to provide the wearer with excellent quality and comfort. Being an official retailer of contact lenses in New York, we have a wide assortment of contacts from Air Optix, DAILIES, FreshLook, Acuvue, Biofinity, and more professional brands. Find the right product for your eyes and enjoy clear vision and unmatched comfort provided by qualified experts.