Rodenstock® Progressive Lenses

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Customized Progressive Lenses from Rodenstock

Infinitely Variable Sharp Vision at All Distances

As we get older, our eyes and vision change: the eye lens is no longer quite as flexible and elastic. Consequently, it becomes more difficult for the eyes to switch between near, intermediate and far distances in the right manner. This means that when we become middle-aged – our eyes need some assistance. The Rodenstock Progressive lenses are the perfect solution here. By choosing these high-end spectacle lenses, you get nothing but continuous sharp vision up close, at a distance, and in the intermediate range. The masterpieces of German engineering, the Rodenstock progressives let the wearers exploit 100% of their vision potential. As there is no visible edge in the lens and the power changes are not recognizable from the outside, progressive lenses also have aesthetic benefits.

The Best Vision Ever with Progressive Lenses from Rodenstock

  • Short acclimatization period thanks to maximum wearer tolerance;
  • Infinitely variable sharp and clear vision at all distances;
  • Optimized fields of vision adapted to your individual lifestyle;
  • No ‘swim’ effects: lines and layers are not blurred or distorted at the peripheral zones;
  • Minimal reflections and supreme aesthetics for optimal vision and a natural look;
  • Protection against potentially harmful high-energy blue light and 100% UV protection;
  • Excellent spatial perception also in the peripheral zones.

Customized Progressive Lenses for Optimal Field of Vision

Whether you live an active lifestyle and prefer to spend a lot of your time outdoors or need to stay in front of your computer the whole day, the Rodenstock progressive lenses will perfectly adapt to your personal lifestyle and your viewing habits! Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Rodenstock creates spectacle lenses and frames that fit like a high-quality tailor-made suit, so your eyes immediately feel comfortable. Compared to traditional lenses you have sharper and higher contrast vision, particularly at twilight. In brief: You get a new, unprecedented visual feeling and achieve your best visual experience with customized Rodenstock Progressive Lenses.

No 'Swim' Effects

Seeing through the lens in combination with the natural movements of the eye can lead to unpleasant 'swim' effects. In addition, a distorting effect occurs at the edge of the lens due to the change of power, unlike with single vision lenses. These annoying and undesirable 'swim' and distorting effects can cause side effects such as blurry vision, eye irritation, and headaches. With bespoke progressive lenses from Rodenstock these effects are reduced to an unnoticeable minimum, so the lines and layers no longer appear distorted or blurred in the peripheral zones.

Rodenstock's B.I.G. Biometric Intelligent Glasses

There are no two people on Earth exactly the same. No two faces, no two sets of fingerprints, no two pairs of eyes. To provide the sharpest possible vision, optical lenses should be based on every person’s individual eye measurements. Today, most lenses are crafted using a standard vision test with just four standard prescription values as input for the lens calculation process. In this case standard values taken from the reduced eye model are used for the biometrics of the individual eye. These standard values suit only 2% of eyes. This has consequences for how precisely the lens can be tailored to the needs of the user’s eyes.

Rodenstock introduces the first high-precision progressive lenses made from a complete biometric eye model measured by a DNEye® Scanner, which marked the beginning of the biometric era in progressive lenses. The manufacturer determines the biometrics of the whole eye: its length and several thousand data points – far beyond industry standards. These data points are integrated directly into the lens, orchestrating a construction process which results in the world’s most precise lens. This biometric eye model enables Rodenstock to precisely hit the sharp vision center of every individual eye. This provides people with the clearest vision possible at any angle or with every gaze, both in the glasses’ peripheral zones and at distances from mid, near and far.

B.I.G. EXACT™ lenses

Rodenstock’s B.I.G. EXACT™ lenses, based on an exact biometric eye model powered by Rodenstock’s unique DNEye technology, deliver a seamless, dynamic and natural vision experience that works perfectly together with your brain. With B.I.G EXACT™, you can expect up to 40% sharper vision at near and intermediate distances, increased brain support thanks to sharper vision and an 8.5° wider field of clear vision at near.

But they are not the only benefits you can expect. A survey of 283 people who chose the B.I.G. EXACT™ lenses, significantly improved their vision experience:

  • 92% experienced sharper vision than before.*
  • 88% noticed greater visual comfort compared to their old glasses.*
  • 84% experienced better contrast vision.*
  • 80% experienced improved vision at dusk.*
  • 87% experienced reduced adaption time.**

* DNEye® customer survey (2018), Zurich.

** Muschielok, A. (2017). Personalisierte Gleitsichtgläser nach Kundenwunsch – Ergebnisse einer wissenschaftlichen Studie. Presentation at the Opti-Forum, Munich.

Additional Options for Rodenstock LensesMake Your Spectacles “Multifunctional “!

Premium Coatings

If you wish your prescription glasses serve you for many years to come and provide you with lasting pleasure, your lenses should have a so-called coating. Rodenstock offers a wide selection of innovative lens coatings and protective finishes that improve the durability, scratch resistance and anti-reflective properties of the lenses.

Rodenstock Solitaire® 2 – Comprehensive Light Protection and Superb Aesthetics

Thanks to the high-tech coatings of the Solitaire® 2 line, Rodenstock lenses are more durable and scratch resistant, as well as permanently dirt, grease and water-repellent. The coatings also reduce annoying reflections from artificial light emitted from computers, laptops and smartphones, ensuring an unobstructed and clear view for your eyes. The Impression FreeSign® PRO progressive lens from Rodenstock comes with the Solitaire® Protect PRO 2 coating as standard, which offers superior light protection and improved aesthetics.

X-tra Clean Finish – Extremely Smooth Surface

If you wish your lenses to stay extremely clean the whole day, the innovative X-tra Clean finish from Rodenstock makes it possible. This special optional finish (applied to the front and rear surface of the lens) on Rodenstock premium lenses ensures long-lasting, crystal clear view. The extremely smooth surface features superior dirt, water and dust repellent properties, which means fast and simple cleaning of lenses without leaving any streaks or residue.

ColorMatic® 3: Perfect Vision in Any Light Condition

The self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock are the new generation lenses that ensure comfortable vision round the clock, both indoors and outdoors. They automatically adapt to any light situation, enabling comfortable, anti-glare vision at any time: they are absolutely clear indoors and tint outdoors depending on light intensity. The deep darkening and rapid brightening ensure tangible visual comfort, while the blue-light filter and a vast selection of colors guarantee a huge variety of usage options and style. Whether used as sunglasses or eyeglasses, ColorMatic® 3 offers relaxed and sharp vision in any light condition, which makes it a perfect companion for everyday life.

Rodenstock Light Protection PRO410 – Safe Vision and a Superb Look

When choosing a pair of glasses you should pay attention to optimal UV protection for your eyes. UV-rays can be harmful for your eyes as well as your skin and can even penetrate through the clouds of an overcast sky. Next to the UV-radiation in the spectrum is blue light. It is important for biorhythms and other biological functions of the body. The formula of success is the right relation. With Rodenstock light protection PRO410 your eyes only get the light they really need – day by day. Rodenstock offers a wide range of high-quality sunglasses in your prescription. All sunglasses optimally protect your eyes against UV radiation.

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