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Do you know what Michelle Obama, Nick Jonas, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba have in common? They are one of many celebrities that adore the unique and bold designs by KENZO. Beloved in the entertainment industry, the world-famous brand is recognized for its high energy and fun aesthetic. The KENZO streetwear designs are a perfect blend of Parisian flare and iconic Japanese motifs. Its impressive product range includes everything from outerwear and knitwear to footwear and accessories, including hats, belts and glasses. Every KENZO look is daring and effortlessly cool yet still entirely wearable. It is a trendsetting brand with its unique philosophy, and its bold geometric logo reflects the individuality and sophistication where East meets West.

The first KENZO eyewear collection was introduced by Thelios in 2019 and included distinctive sunglasses and optical frames that blended the brand’s roots of Parisian confidence with the California cool vibe. The first collection also played with futuristic influences and bold shapes, creating an unexpected and eclectic range. Being a child company of LVMH, the world leader in luxury, Thélios aims to elevate the eyewear category by bringing luxury expertise to the sector. Working hand in hand with Thélios, KENZO creates truly luxury eyewear pieces that express the brand’s universe in the most genuine and powerful manner. The perfect accessories for completing a look, fall for KENZO glasses. Oversized, square, or round: get carried away by our exclusive KENZO eyewear selection and find a pair that speaks to you.


The KENZO Eyewear collection is recognized for its kaleidoscopic variation of colors and bright prints - each design is ultra-modern and daring acting as a total celebration of nature and cultural diversity. Echoing the fluorescent check suits and patterned dresses from the brand’s iconic silhouettes, the sun and optical styles feature bold, eye-catching details and lifelike colors. Since the traditions and roots have always played an important role to the brand, its logo remained unchanged for over fifty years, and only was redesigned in 2020, still keeping the original idea and concept, but showing it in a modern way. That is why, each pair of glasses within the collection features the iconic KENZO logo on the temple.

Since Fall 2021, KENZO has embarked on a new chapter in its history with the appointment of Nigo as the House’s new Artistic Director. Now, the KENZO Eyewear Collection perfectly reflects the creative energy of the fun, forward-thinking and effortlessly cool brand. Celebrating iconic eyewear silhouettes while playing with colorful Havanas inspired from the vintage archives of the Maison, Nigo masterfully mixes Japanese and Western influences with traditions, opening an innovative design chapter for KENZO. The frames are offered in subtle black and brown colors perfect for completing your everyday look. Yet, at the same time, the range offers spectacles that are totally emblematic of the KENZO brand’s vibrant spirit fusing electric styles that are dynamically inspired by science fiction.


The world-famous fashion brand KENZO was founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, a Japanese fashion designer, who was inspired by Paris, the city where he lived and worked in since 1965. Started as Jungle Jap, a boutique at Galerie Vivienne where the founder sold his handmade women's collection, KENZO has quickly gained recognition and popularity among Parisian elites. In 1983, the brand presented its first men’s ready-to-wear collection, followed by kids and home collections in 1987. From a printed dress and men’s polo shirt to a sweatshirt for kids, every KENZO piece embodied high energy and enthusiasm. Since 1993, Kenzo has been owned by the French luxury goods company LVMH, the multinational conglomerate specializing in luxury goods.

In July 2011, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon were appointed Creative Directors of KENZO. Using the brand’s DNA, the duo has given the fashion house their take on the bold spirit with which the brand was founded. The designers’ passion for fun and spontaneity has given KENZO a fresh attitude with respect for the unique heritage of the House. In 2021, KENZO appointed Nigo, an extremely talented Japanese designer, as Artistic Director of Maison. By mixing Western and Japanese influences with the brand’s traditions, Nigo opened a new design chapter for KENZO. The creativity and innovation of the new designer as well as his attachment to the history of the House results in outstanding collections, revolutionary and eclectic.


For more than half a century, KENZO has been infusing positive energy and creative freedom by producing daring and playful fashionable items that celebrate nature and cultural diversity. The brand continues to reinterpret modernity with artful mixed prints, bold color palettes, and an ever-optimistic take on accessories. The latest KENZO eyewear collections fully express the brand’s rich heritage and design codes. Created for young, fashion-forward personalities, KENZO sunglasses and optical frames feature distinctive and sometimes futuristic shapes offered in bright colors. With Japanese designer Nigo at the helm, Kenzo brings a new dynamic to its extensive collection, ranging from refined optical frames to impressive sunglasses that fuse aesthetic sophistication with functionality.

 The KENZO FW 2022 Eyewear Collection breaks barriers between classic and sports eyewear styles with a tinge of unisex flair. Takada’s influence is cemented by introducing the Japanese-Western theme that finds its way into bright colors and bold detailing. Greater displays of the House’s heritage come in the frame shapes, ranging from oversized flat-top aviator and cat-eye frames to slim rectangular and oval silhouettes. Visit our eyewear boutique, EuroOptica, New York City, to discover the latest KENZO eyewear collection for men and women and give an on-trend finish to your fall look. We bring you the comfort and convenience all in one place to see an eye doctor, have an eye exam, and browse through a huge collection of exclusive eyewear pieces from the world-renowned brands.