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    Cartier is one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world that perfectly combines timeless aesthetics and utmost precision. Since its foundation in Paris in 1847, the legendary Maison has devoted its savoir-faire to functional and decorative pieces characterized by a subtle balance between volume and lightness, sophistication and style. Today, taking inspiration from all cultures around the globe, this open-minded brand celebrates beauty by creating outstanding pieces-of-art, including jewelry, high jewelry creations, watches, bags, decorative objects, personal accessories and eyewear. The Cartier optical frames and sunglasses perfectly reflect the Maison’s style by mixing timeless elegance with a modern aesthetic. Each and every pair of glasses is a unique jewelry creation with exquisite details and ideal proportions.

    At Cartier, love is celebrated with every piece, from a stunning necklace with 55 brilliant-cut diamonds to a pair of alluring spectacles handcrafted from the most precious materials. From Buffalo Horn to Gold, and from 'The Big C's' to 'The Panther's', our vast collection of Cartier frames includes everything you need to choose your perfect pair of luxury sunglasses or optical frames. The range offers classic silhouettes reimagined in modern proportions and enriched with opulent details: navigator frames with new floating structure, rounded cat-eye optical frames with new faceted Panthère head, edgy pilot sunglasses with calfskin bridge, rectangle rimless spectacles in white horn with a smooth golden finish, and everything that is in between. The extremely versatile designs all have a timeless look and are exclusively made by hand by the most experienced and skilled artisans.


    Cartier is not only one of the most prominent names in the world of jewelry and watches; it is also a reference of true contemporary luxury in the eyewear industry. The French Maison creates exquisite sunglasses and optical frames, developing each design from its own archive, showcasing innate creativity, refined savoir-faire and iconic style. Through a masterful interplay of heritage inspiration and timeless design, the Cartier Eyewear Collections expand their vision of sophistication with bold graphic accents and reimagined silhouettes, inspired by the brand’s iconic jewelry creations. Each eyewear design offers singular character, while each diamond exudes true radiance. Practical and always elegant, the Cartier glasses will fit any occasion from the red carpet events to errands on the weekend.

    Cartier is one of the most iconic and celebrated eyewear brands in the world. Today, Cartier eyeglasses and sunglasses are masterfully made by Kering Eyewear, the industry leader in luxury and high-end glasses, which designs and creates frames for some of the most powerful Fashion Houses, includingSaint Laurent,Alexander McQueen, Boucheron,Brioni,Lindberg,Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and many other famous brands. The company strives to empower all of its brands to go beyond their limits in eyewear, supporting their capacity to lead and innovate, to realize their creative potential, in the most imaginative and sustainable manner. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be a certified retailer of Kering Eyewear brands in Manhattan, New York, including Cartier. Visit our store at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) New York, to discover all of Cartier’s iconic collections.


    Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 when its establisher, Louis-Francois Cartier, took over his master’s workshop. Despite the subversive times of the ongoing French Revolution, the Maison continued to rise and grew over the next decade, opening the first Cartier boutique in 1859. When Louis-François’ son Alfred took the helm, he moved the business to the prestigious rue de la Paix in the jewelry district of Paris. In their turn, Alfred’s sons expanded the Cartier brand overseas, to London and New York. Alfred’s third son, Louis, decided to stay in Paris to continue the growth of the Maison at home. His revolutionary ideas, such as using platinum in jewelry, earned the brand countless international recognitions and titles, including the ‘Jeweler of Kings, King of Jewelers’ from King Edward VII.

    Louis’ death in 1942 brought about a sad time for Cartier. His unique ideas and unrivaled imagination grew the Maison into what it is today, but fortunately his passing did not mean the end of Cartier’s creative run. Thanks to the inspiration and enthusiasm of Jeanne Toussaint and Alain Dominique Perrin, Cartier continued to flourish, introducing the legendary Panther—a symbol of Cartier—into the jewelry and watch line. For one and a half centuries, the brand has created the living treasure of its heritage, as demonstrated by the numerous Cartier Collection exhibitions that are showcased around the world. Still today the Maison continues to push boundaries, creating precious objects that blend exceptional expertise with a timeless signature, celebrating Cartier's savoir-faire.

    Stunning Eyewear Collections

    Each Cartier eyewear collection celebrates the spirit of the Maison’s most famous campaigns: the Panthère de Cartier, the Pasha de Cartier, the Santos de Cartier, the Premiere de Cartier and the Signature C de Cartier. An object of desire and attraction, the Panthère de Cartier eyewear collection pays homage to the iconic Panthère bags, from the innovative clasp to the rock chic allure. On the oversized metal spectacles, the mouth of the feline takes shape in facets enriched with touches of enamel. In the acetate frames, it appears in three dimensions on the lenses and the bridge. The Santos de Cartier collection offers lightweight semi-rimless optical styles and floating sunglasses, in metal with a platinum and golden finish. They mark an endless celebration of the pioneering spirit of Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aviator, whose eponymous watch was created in 1904 by Louis Cartier.

    Between contemporary creative freedom and vintage spirit, the Première de Cartier eyewear collection is inspired by the iconic glasses of the 1980s. Bold rectangular frames, genuine horn or wooden temples and gadroon decorations: these unique pieces make a promise of lightness, comfort and the distinction of Cartier. The Signature C de Cartier is a refined and elegant collection, marked by the iconic Cartier C motif. Precious materials such as horn, wood, metal, and composite are integrated in beautiful designs and crafted in the expertise and tradition of Cartier eyewear. And, finally, the Pasha de Cartier collection, inspired by the iconic Pasha de Cartier timepiece, offers super luxurious and elegant frames made from the finest titanium. Extra fine details are added to the end tips with blue enamel points to mirror the watch crown. Visit EuroOptica, NYC, to try on and choose your perfect Cartier style!