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Acetate Frames Material

If style is a priority for you when looking for a new pair of glasses, then acetate frames are guaranteed to meet all your requirements. One of the best things about acetate is that it is much more durable in comparison to conventional plastic frames, which makes the color or design stay on much longer. Acetate frames are all about fashion, and you have a plethora of options available to you in terms of glasses shapes, designs, colors, and patterns. From oversized cat-eye silhouettes embellished with micro-crystals to classic rectangular glasses in glossy black to eye-catching octagonal frames with a tortoise print detail, our impeccable collection of acetate sunglasses and optical frames will give you the fashionable look you’re striving for.At EuroOptica, you will find the world’s best designer eyewear brands that represent passion, unique craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind design. Want to know who makes the highest quality acetate glasses? Welcome to our eyewear boutique at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) New York, to discover the latest collections from such renowned brands as Gucci, Persol, Barton Perreira, Oliver Goldsmith, ic! berlin, KIRK&KIRK, Oliver Peoples, Face A Face, Maui Jim and many many more! The eyewear brands we focus on are innovative, creative and never rest on their laurels. If you don’t know which style suits you best, don’t worry! Our professional optical stylist, Monica Milner, will find the perfect acetate frame to highlight your facial features and personal style.

Fascinating Material

Acetate frames have always been a popular trend in eyewear. Featuring a modern look and exceptional durability, they give you the best of both worlds. So, what is acetate and why acetate glasses are a must for every trendsetter? Unlike petroleum-based plastics, acetate is a plant-based, environment-friendly material derived from wood or cotton fibers. It is also hypoallergenic, so it’s a perfect solution for people who have sensitive skin. Acetate spectacles do not consist of any type of artificial agents that can bring on an allergic reaction. Made by forming several layers of plastic into large blocks, acetate glasses are super durable and flexible; they can withstand any amount of pressure and stress without losing its elasticity. The firmness of acetate frames allows them to retain the luster of their color or design.Comfort is highly important if you wear your glasses daily. Acetate is a super lightweight plastic, so it’s the ideal material for eyeglass frames. Basically, the nose pads are molded into the rest of the frame which gives much more comfort and eliminates friction. While wearing acetate glasses, you don’t have to worry about getting those red marks on your nose like when you wear metal frames. Furthermore, with acetate frames you are offered an immense range of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. It doesn’t mean that other frame materials are worse. Your choice of frame will depend on a variety of factors such as your lifestyle, your priorities, and your budget. At EuroOptica, we offer amazing collections of high-end titanium and buffalo horn glasses as well.

Exclusive Brands

The beauty of acetate glasses lies in its vibrant colorations and rich textures. Offered in an array of eye-catching designs and hues, their glossy finish and smooth feel make them perfect for those wearers who love fashionable eyewear. By the way, if you appreciate extravagant designs and bold colors, Gucci is the brand to rely on. Their eccentric frames are a sophisticated mix of luminous materials and intricate details. Acetate glasses by Persol are cutting-edge eyewear pieces that present a perfect symbiosis of technology and aesthetics. They have a range of unique features, such as a Meflecto system (first flexible stem system), a Victor Flex, a three-notch bridge which resulted in comfortable curves and the The Freccia, a unique hinge decorated with an arrow.

If you want to feel and look like a star, choose from our impressive collection of acetate sunglasses and optical frames by Barton Perreira, one of the most popular eyewear brands among Hollywood celebrities. Another world-famous brand producing iconic eyewear pieces is Oliver Goldsmith, the originator of glasses worn by Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana. Choose from bold but elegant Oliver Peoples frames, vintage-inspired but contemporary Face A Face glasses, ultra-modern and extremely bright KIRK&KIRK spectacles, highly functional and incredibly stylish Maui Jim frames, or anything that is in between. Welcome to our store and get a great chance to choose from hundreds of authentic designer frames! Discover a range of shapes and styles, crafted from premium-quality acetate, at EuroOptica, NYC.