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Naoned Eyewear 2021 Mignon Frame

Colorful, comfortable, creative… NAONED Eyewear is designed to reveal those who wear it, those who listen to their heart and desires. Sophisticated metal and acetate frames in bright colors perfectly blend modernity and timelessness… the French savoir-faire that will never go out of fashion. The proximity and authenticity are those core values that have brought the brand to a great success.

Neoned Colorful Eyeglasses with Bold Design
NAONED Optical Collection

While creating eye-catching eyewear pieces, NAONED doesn’t forget that its primary job is that of optician. It is what they do: transform a technical product into an aesthetic prosthesis, so that your optical frame always provides you a great look and maximum comfort. The brand’s eyewear range includes three collections: the KÊR with acetate frames featuring colorful tortoiseshell patterns, vivid two-colored assemblies or more refined models; the STÊR – combined acetate glasses with joyful and elegant design that blends metal arms and acetate rims; and the ENEZ – an opulent collection of metal frames with a hint of acetate and a butt-ton of refinement! We’re selected the hottest optical frames from all collections to let you feel the colorful and original DNA of NAONED. Let’s get it started!

The HOUARN is a new elegant silhouette with an evergreen round shape offered in fresh colors. A perfect mix of a metal frame and cellulose acetate inserts results in lightweight and incredibly comfortable eyeglasses that invite us to escape whenever we want, from summer to winter, without waiting any further.

Naoned Round Prescription Glasses with Metal Frame
HOUARN Eyeglasses by NAONED
Combined Metal-Acetate Glasses by Naoned
The HOUARN Frame from the ENEZ Collection

The PLOUEZEC are stylish, modern eyeglasses that catch the eye with their silhouette: is it round-shaped or square-shaped? The question is still open. The spectacles are easy to wear and never dull; just perfect to give you a clear vision of your fun journey.

Naoned Rounded Square Acetate Eyeglasses
Naoned Square Rectangular Optical Frames
The PLOUEZEC Frame from the Kêr Collection

The ENEZ PLAT are retro-inspired, purely refined glasses with a bold character. Masterfully crafted from metal and finished with acetate details, they are perfect to travel light and safe. The metal frame is made from traditional eyewear optical alloys: nickel silver, monel, bronze and is treated with a hypoallergenic varnish.

Naoned Round Eyeglasses with Cut Design
ENEZ PLAT Eyeglasses by NAONED
Naoned Transparent Frames with Cut Design.
The ENEZ PLAT Eyeglasses form ENEZ Collection

Octagonal, faceted, and colorful, the ENEZ VEUR and DOUFIN glasses marvelously capture light from all angles to sublimate your eyes! Their joyful and elegant designs will appeal to women of character and perfectly suit any outfit. With metal arms and acetate rims, these frames are manufactured in French territory. Follow your intuition, get to the point: a new world is opening up to you!

Naoned Octagonal Glasses with Acetate Rim and Metal Handles
The ENEZ VEUR Eyeglasses from ENEZ Collection
Naoned Geometric Optical Frames
The DOUFIN Eyeglasses from Stêr Collection

Want to see more eye-catching NAONED frames? Welcome to EuroOptica, an all-inclusive eyewear boutique in Manhattan, New York, and choose your perfect pair of NAONED eyeglasses.

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