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LINDBERG Titanium Eyeglasses

The art world has always inspired LINDBERG, which is why an art-centric combination of color and materials is often seen in their award-winning eyewear pieces. The titanium colors perfectly match the LINDBERG clean design, allowing the glasses to stand out in a subtle way. That is why bold colors easily fit LINDBERG glasses – giving the wearer a statement look with the unmistakable elegance of Danish minimalistic design.

Lindberg Geometric Titanium Eyeglasses
9852-113/K209 – LINDBERG Strip Titanium Collection

For LINDBERG, colors are not just colors. They are a result of a technical process and many creative decisions. The brand puts care into every shade it offers, and with this photo series LINDBERG wanted to look at those colors in a new way. Let’s explore the dramatic interplay between sophisticated designs and pastel colors. The focus is on tone-on-tone compositions that highlight the subtle and clean lines of LINDBERG titanium glasses.

Titanium is one of nature’s most ingenious materials, and realizing its true potential, LINDBERG was one of the first eyewear brands in the world to present a full titanium collection. The manufacturer has spent more than 50 years revolutionizing the field of titanium eyewear, and their deep desire for constant innovation keeps them on the path of even more ground-breaking designs. The lightness, strength, and durability of titanium have become the signature features of every pair of LINDBERG optical frames and sunglasses.

Lindberg Round Oval Titanium Optical Frames
5504-P9Q/GC72 – LINDBERG Thintanium Collection

In this photo series, LINDBERG brings its iconic titanium eyeglasses into a playful setting of trending pastel colors featuring soft shapes and eyewear in vibrant hues of pink, green, and blue.The contrasting color compositions enhance the unique optical frames and bring attention to their distinct clean design.

Lindberg Rectangular Titanium Optical Frames Screwless Hinge Design
9627-117/U9 – LINDBERG Strip Titanium Collection
Lindberg Rectangular Titanium Glasses Strip Titanium Collection
Rectangular Titanium Eyeglasses from LINDBERG

Enjoy the vibrant combinations and be inspired to explore a wide selection of eye-catching titanium colors. Welcome to EuroOptica, the authorized distributor for minimalistic LINDBERG eyewear in Manhattan, New York, to discover our impressive range of LINDBERG glasses that offers even more room to play with both color and expression.

LINDBERG Titanium Color Range
Chic Color Palette of LINDBERG Titanium Frames

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