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Henau Eyewear Victor Optical Frame

HENAU means Eyewear Couture. Eyewear Couture means HENAU. The renowned Belgian brand got used to making an impression with its glasses…or it’s better to say – real fashion objects! Each HENAU frame is a perfect combination of optical functionality and avant-garde design that catches the eye!

Boasting a huge international popularity, the eyewear brand doesn’t shy away from unconventional views nor technological innovation. Created by Marc Delagrange, optics and modern art aficionado, the HENAU sunglasses and optical frames are full of character and charisma. They are pieces of art where the design creates a perfect harmony with reliability and comfort.

This year, HENAU has won the Silmo d’Or 2021 prize in the OPTICAL FRAME «EYEWEAR DESIGNER» category with its Lunam eyeglasses. The new style is designed to reflect and reinforce the personality and character of those who wear it. The frame beautifully combines acetate and titanium and features the minimalist hinge, smoothly integrated with the acetate face.

Luman Eyeglasses from Henau Silmo d'Or 2021 Winner
The Silmo d’Or 2021 Winner – Luman Eyeglasses from HENAU

We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be an authorized distributor for the outstanding HENAU shades and optical frames. Here, we’ve collected the hottest and most popular eyeglass designs, which you can find in our optical boutique at 280 Columbus Ave, New York.

The Hector – Sophisticated Geometry

Geometric Transperant Acetate Eyeglasses by Henau
Hector L59 Eyeglasses – HENAU Structure Collection

If you opt for unique prescription glasses, these transparent hexagon spectacles are the way to go! Made of durable yet lightweight acetate, this frame is a perfect combination of elegance and modernism.

The DOGA – Attitude and Character

Aviator Irregular Acetate Eyeglasses by Henau
DOGA 513 Eyeglasses – HENAU Avantgarde Collection

The masculine and very strong shape of the DOGA optical frame will fit stouthearted and self-confident men who are not afraid of being different. It has a unique design that features the transparent nose bridge that perfectly sits on a wearer’s face. The model is also offered as sunglasses.

The Triton – Elegant Boldness

Round Acetate Tortoise Eyeglasses by Henau
Triton N41S Eyeglasses – HENAU Character Collection

Designed purely for artful appeal, these graceful eyeglasses will perfectly emphasize their wearer’s character and personality. The model is offered in 13 color options and 2 eye sizes in 46mm and 48, which means you’ll definitely choose a pair to your liking!

The Oxano – Power of Timelessness

Round Acetate Eyeglasses by Henau
Oxano 0H20 Eyeglasses – HENAU Structure Collection

Round optical frames will never go out of style, especially if they feature a modern design and curated details. The Oxano perfectly blends a refined frame with heavy handles and a bridge providing a trendy look that oozes timelessness.

The Lamba – Distinct Identity

Geometric Transperant Acetate Eyeglasses by Henau
Lamba AA78 Eyeglasses – HENAU Character Collection

Stylish and sleek hexagon frame is a true must-have for any fashionista! These unique spectacles feature transparent structure and come offered in a range of bold color combinations, which makes them ideal for accentuating the wearer’s facial features and emphasizing their individuality.

The Victor – Minimalist Architecture

Geometric Square Acetate Men's Eyeglasses by Henau
Victor 0H24 – Eyeglasses – HENAU Structure Collection

This is where eyewear meets art! It’s all about highlighting the geometry, which results in a sharp and cutting edge architectural shape, ideal for fearless and self-assured people. So, if you’re hunting for trendy, artistic optical frames, look no further than Victor by HENAU!

Welcome to EuroOptica to discover the full eyewear collection from HENAU and find a frame that will perfectly match your face, personal preferences and character.

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