Andy Wolf All Of Us 2021 Fall Winter Collection

For over 15 years, the renowned Austrian eyewear brand Andy Wolf has created not just high-quality glasses for men and women, but outstanding eyewear pieces for personalities. Inspired by different characters, the Andy Wolf glasses are diverse and unique as well. From design to prototyping to producing, every pair of spectacles is crafted with cohesion and a trusting togetherness in mind.

The particular social challenge of current times finds expression in the new Andy Wolf campaign for fall/winter 2021. The “All of Us” collection is focused on the communal idea and celebrates the great variety of unique personalities. The range includes versatile eyewear models that perfectly combine a modern, innovative design with the unparalleled Austrian craftsmanship.

This time, the brand decided to forego a visible logo and emphasize the geometry of shapes. Some models play with a combination of mica and transparent acetate, while other frames feature thick acetate with horizontal color gradients or graduated facets show up. To evergreen tones like brown Havana, black, and metal in rose gold, silver and gold, Andy Wolf added new combinations and color facets, including the powder, pink, pale, hazelnut and triple color gradations. Especially for this collection, the manufacturer developed a couple of new trendy colors: a warm gray and a soft mauve.

Inspired by the 70s, the “All of Us” glasses are characterized by organic lines and geometric design; the range includes dazzling cat-eye styles, bold oversized models, aviator frames with a retro touch or the combination of metal with acetate inner rings.

Welcome to EuroOptica, NY and dive into the diverse design language of Andy Wolf! Discover outstanding eyewear pieces and try on the hottest frames from the new campaign. The diversity of “All of Us” collection makes it easy to pick up the perfect pair for your unique personality type.

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