If we had to describe the Gucci spirit in a few words, they would be: eccentric, mesmerizing, sophisticated; and never – plain, ordinary or trivial! Gucci is about glamour and chic, bold contours and exaggerated volumes, which are ultimate forms of self-expression. Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele takes inspiration from the bohemian styles of the ’60s and ’70s, combining vintage glamour with a contemporary twist. Playful vibes mix with retro undertones to explode in a dazzling new collection of Gucci sunglasses – Hollywood Forever!

First unveiled in 2017, the Hollywood Forever eyewear concept is upgraded for 2021, bringing the cheerful and eclectic spirit of Hollywood to a modern lineup of shades with splendid crystals that are carefully inserted by hand. The new campaign is shot by cult photographer and artist Harmony Korine, who decided to accommodate a cast of characters in colorful tiled bathrooms. Taking extravagant bubble baths, the models showcase the new Gucci Hollywood Forever crystal-studded sunglasses in a playful and fun way.

Each frame from the collection encapsulates Gucci’s vision of creativity and self-expression, where shapes take center stage. The assortment includes hyper-feminine, eccentric and sophisticated styles, each of which tells its own story – speaking to the individuality of the wearer. Bold contours and pretentious volumes define the new acetate and metal silhouettes including a whimsical cat-eye frame reimagined with sharp corners and spoked edges, heart-shaped shades with pink lenses embellished with allover crystals, a bold rectangular frame that features an eccentric construction with varying thickness, and a classic round design revisited with an oversize front encrusted with crystals and crafted from gold metal.

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