The use of stainless steel has always been ic! berlin’s key strength‎. The world-renowned German brand is famous for its unique expertise in cutting, bending, and finishing metals and trusted for its groundbreaking eyewear pieces. ic! berlin glasses feature progressive shapes, intelligent design and innovative functions. Every new collection is a celebration of heritage, precision craftsmanship and functional elegance.

Combining their expertise in producing stainless steel frames with a constant drive for innovation, ic! berlin created a new SS2021 eyewear collection named Pure Elements. Inspired by the tough, unpredictable metallic elements of the periodic table, the new frames feature clean lines, incredible lightness and flexibility. The collection includes two sunglasses and four optical frames, highlighted by metal rings that add volume to the construction for a luxurious, refined, and pure eyewear design.

Intricate and extravagant sun models Molybdenum (square-shaped frame) and Ferrum (aviator frame) feature a detailed linear etching pattern, which spotlights the brand’s future industrial design. The prescription models Nitrogen and Silicon are classic squares with a sleek look, while Chromium (browline-shaped) and Carbon (small panto frame) are retro silhouettes with a contemporary twist. All styles feature rough metal texture found in colorway Graphite-Rough.

If you belong to those people who appreciate unique craftsmanship in the purest of materials and are fond of details and innovation, this strong and masculine collection from ic! berlin is designed for you. Welcome to EuroOptica, NY to discover the assortment and try these unique, understated eyewear pieces on!