Anne & Valentin is a French eyewear brand famous for creating unique graphic frames, distinguished for their innovative designs, sophisticated details and outstanding craftsmanship. Each new concept is the result of an engaged and thoughtful process, consisting of redefining lines and volumes, rethinking the relationship between reliefs and face, and crafting unique high-end eyewear pieces, which are a perfect combination of geometry, materials and colors.

NOMADES concept includes 6 unique sunglasses designs, inspired by seasoned travelers, who are fond of exploration and new discoveries. The state-of-the-art mechanisms of NOMADES frames are close to those of luxury Swiss watches, where exquisite precision and attention to the tiniest details matter. The sunglasses feature an elegant, ultra-light titanium frame, delicate resin inserts and top-grade lenses available in a variety of beautiful colors. The silhouettes are equally futuristic and retro, busy and relentless.

The highlights of the collection are the SEVILLE, SAMOA, and SHIBUYA. The SEVILLE is a modern, classy frame with octagonal shape, which guarantees a fashionable and stylish look. If you’re fond of bold geometry and looking for a more masculine appearance, the SAMOA is the way to go. Its rectangle shape and sharp lines make it a nonchalant and somewhat atypical frame, which is a perfect choice for self-confident and outgoing personalities.

Especially designed for those who like avant-garde and contemporary art, the SHIBUYA frame reflects the modernity of a world in flux. This is an ultra-fashionable, round frame that features double-deck contours for a retro-futuristic appearance. Every silhouette from NOMADES collection by Anne & Valentin is a one-of-a-kind eyewear piece inspired by curious and insatiable personalities, who aspire to travel the world and grasp its essence.