Have you ever wished to create your own, unique pair of spectacles? With the design you like and the colors you prefer? If your answer is yes, then LINDBERG is the name to remember. This world-famous Danish eyewear manufacturer is known for its commitment to innovation and love for customization. The company claims that each pair of glasses is a product of great knowhow and craftsmanship. Their revolutionary eyewear concept, the LINDBERG building system, gives every customer the freedom to create their own pair of personalized glasses. More than 600 various designs, 36 eye-catching titanium colors, 3 different temple lengths, 6 nose pads and other options are offered for your creative genius to unfold.

This season, LINDBERG presents three ground-breaking eyewear collections, focused on material quality, the lightness of the construction, and customization. Every wearer has a unique opportunity to customize the tiniest detail of the frame to suit their sense of style and individuality. The LINDBERG air titanium collection includes outstanding, incredibly lightweight frames constructed from top-grade titanium wire. These glasses are strong and flexible, and weigh less than 3 grams, which makes them super comfortable and perfect for all-day wear. The strip titanium collection offers eye-catching retro frames with a modern twist. They are created with utilizing titanium strips, and feature a durable, airy and hypoallergenic construction. The strip3p collection was designed with sophisticated and creative personality in mind who appreciates stylish, rimless eyewear.

Whichever LINDBERG collection and frame is chosen, its design, color, size and length can all be changed and put together in a whole new way in order to create a one-of-a-kind pair of spectacles that is 100% authentic, 100% LINDBERG and 100% yours.