Danish well-known eyewear company LINDBERG owned by Henrik Lindberg is often called the “Apple of the glasses business”. When Henrik was growing up in the 70s, he decided that he would never get the profession of optometrist as his father Poul-Jørn had. Young Henrik saw how many hours and days his dad spent working, and he wanted to keep away from the eyewear business – so he graduated as an architect and started to work in this sphere. In those times, his father was required to wear glasses due to some vision problems but he didn’t like any variants of eyeglasses on the market and decided to create his own design.  

Henrik was asked by his father to help him because a young man had an excellent sense of design, and they spent several evenings together developing the design of glasses for his father. Of course, Henrik planned to help and then come back to his work, but they created a radical project of a frame without any screws, welded components, and rivets. They wanted to make the product from stainless steel but suddenly, they got to know about titanium – the new material that was used by commercial companies and also in the space industry. Two men were very passionate about this project, and it turned out to be something new in the eyewear business.

Manufacturers couldn’t help them a lot because they didn’t have the right tools to make glasses, so son and father had to create the needed tools before they made the glasses following the unique project that took 3 years and led them to introduce their first collection of AIR titanium spectacles. They had to promote the brand on the market but didn’t start distributing it and went directly to the optometrist – the same way the famous company follows today. This is how Henrik came to the eyewear business, and after this, he started to work hard in eyewear business just like his father and do things he loved to do.

LINDBERG has brought many innovations: it started to use acetate and created its combination with titanium to make pieces mounted without adhesive. The famous manufacturer also used buffalo horn: they had to break down its structure to use it in eyewear production. The brand also developed a new ultra-lightweight composite material to create frames that weigh just about 2 grams. The positioning of the famous eyewear company as being “the Apple of the glasses business” means its strong collaboration with celebrities, including Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Queen Elizabeth II, and many others.