The international eye fashion magazine 20/20 Europe has selected the iconic frame from well-known French designer FACE A FACE to be on the cover of the January 2021 issue. A pair of stylish sunglasses Break2 (the model is wearing the color Ecialle Acajou Blue – 0078) features a luxurious play between cubic and round silhouette. The whole look combines elegance and strength, making a constructivist break between absence and presence. Strict geometrical forms pass each other and manifest themselves in electric and pastel shades. Bright and elegant, dare and feminine, these sophisticated frames are made for vivid, confident, and attractive women to express their individuality.

Another frame from FACE A FACE, the Flash1 (color Peach Transparent – 3064) was also chosen for the fashion shooting. This pair of sunnies like a flash of light that was created using a dynamic play of color and transparency, making a summer cocktail with crystal peach. The European magazine editor has chosen this brand’s Bocca Pixies model to focus on 3 concepts of sunnies, as well as the American editor in the January edition. And, the frame Bahia3 (color Transparent Striped Amber – 4321) was selected as an illustration for an article about acetate.

Being a popular French eyewear brand, FACE A FACE creates modern and creative glasses for contemporary and individual men and women. All the spectacles from the design company are filled with extravagant styles to make fabulous, rich in color, and unique eyewear.