In spring 2020, Andy Wolf, the reputed Austrian brand presented its collection of bestselling metal frames with an acetate inner ring. The glasses feature a facet hidden on the back of the classic metal ring, which creates a unique and innovative look. The acetate element is crafted in one piece to achieve a contemporary, three-dimensional effect.

To add a feminine feel and retro touch to the assortment, the manufacturer launches new models called 4765 and 4766. Both frames are incredibly sophisticated and stylish while completely different in terms of their shape language: 4765 is a round cat-eye and 4766 is an elegant almond shape. The glasses are offered in a variety of color options, from classic in black and gold to showy combinations, such as blue and light rosé.

Material mix is at its best as well: the gold metal frame of 4766 perfectly complements a Havana acetate inlay and outlay; while the Rosé metal of 4765 is an excellent “companion” for the elegant Havana acetate inlay and outlay at the front. Both glasses are carefully handcrafted at the manufacturer’s factory in the French Jura. Being 100% genuine products, the glasses are guaranteed to be highly reliable and durable pieces.