Anne & Valentin glasses are anything but simple accessories that just add to your overall look. They are a statement! The glasses that ignore fashion diktats, staying ahead of trends and in a deep connection with the wearer. The brand has always been dedicated to their customer’s unique personality and preferences, creating outstanding frames that would feel like precious treasures.

The collection of the Limited Edition Labyrinth glasses by Anne & Valentin includes three opulent models: round porthole frames, squares with amplified upper transparency, and stretched butterflies. To enrich the collection, which is offered in very limited numbers, Anne &Valentin has also added a sunglass version to each of the models.

LABYRINTH I is a beautiful round frame, especially designed for eccentric, atypical personalities, who stand up for themselves and know what they need. The glasses are created with up-to-date chemical cutting of acetate and metal and feature two dense circles accentuated by two parallel lines, the double-bar that ends in the circles. It is an ultra-modern, pictorial and bold frame that takes root in the crossing of lines and sinuous paths traced through thicknesses.

LABYRINTH II is a dense, square frame with inflated angles that can widen and heighten the gaze of the wearer. The convex shape gives maximum visibility and provides a futuristic look. The last but not the least beautiful edition is the LABYRINTH III, an ultra-tight butterfly frame, designed for small faces. Its feline shape is striking and feminine, which makes it a perfect choice for those who have a penchant for vintage style.