Born to add a touch of madness to the world of eyewear, Theo creates original and trendsetting collections of glasses that never go unnoticed. This time, the brand unveils the new upstream trio, inspired by the company’s rebellious DNA. To accentuate the individuality of every wearer, the collection includes distinctly different styles: Potatoes, Arches and Lavalands, yet all demonstrating the groundbreaking and dazzling virtuosity of Theo.

Especially designed for the individualities who dare to go upstream, the new glasses are exceptionally unique and atypical. Theo Potatoes collection offers highly comfortable, easy-to-wear frames with plain and direct construction, so everyone could add their personal touch to the style. These are very flexible glasses that feature the unique ‘flex-hinge’ to add an unexpected twist to the design.

Arches is a new titanium collection, inspired by the world’s most spectacular hikes and landscapes. Solid and distinctive arch shapes in cut-out frames add character to the natural curves of the wearer’s face. The Lavalands series is based on opposing energies: breathtaking forms and bright colors in warm acetate, contrasted with the freshness of steel. This collection embodies the naked beauty of the world’s most wondrous volcanic scenes.

The “Theo goes upstream” campaign is devoted to the best-ever artist – Mother Nature. From various head-turning lens shapes to additional bridges, these frames are not afraid of pushing the limits of traditional glasses. A Theo for everyday and for everyday a Theo.